Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Google wants LG Display flexible OLED production for their next gen Pixel phone

OLED-Info reports that Google wants to invest $872 million in LG Display to help secure flexible OLEDs for its next-gen Pixel phone (Original source ETNews).

Reportedly, LG Display is ramping two flexible OLED fabs, which of one is a 6-Gen flexible OLED fab in Gumi (OLED-Info:E5 line). In addition, a 3rd Gen-6 fab (E6) may start in 2018.

According to reports (LINK), Samsung monitors and LG Display are preparing to use ALD technology in flexible OLED production processes. Jusung Engineering, WONIK IPS, AP System and TES have ALD technology and equipment for Gen 6. Out off the European ALD OEMs Enapsulix and Beneq is also supplying ALD for OLED Encapsulation.

Much more details on this story at OLED-Info: LINK.

So what about ALD? There is no way to tell if those lines have ALD Encapsulation technology but flexible Gen-6 OLED has been reported to use ALD in some cases and all those South Korean ALD encapsulation clusters being shipped has to end up somewhere. 

The ALD OLED Encapsulation equipment market is in its early stage trailing the ALD Semiconductor ALD market by 10 years or so at total size of one order of magnitude smaller than the single & multi-wafer ALD equipment market.

When it comes to ALD precursors it is not too exciting yet since the barriers are mainly Al2O3, sometimes laminated byTiO2. However, there are recent publications showing promising barrier properties employing some of the High-k metal oxides used in the Logic Gate stack and DRAM capacitors.

What is exciting though is the ALD process chamber technology that has been developed in this field. Everything from Large Panel Batch Reactors, Ultra Fast cross flow reactors and Spatial ALD. This is were all the fun is!

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