Friday, September 28, 2018

VEECO Ready to Provide Solutions for Micro LED Technology

As one of the most important next generation display technologies, Micro LED performs excellently and can be widely applied in wearables, mobile phones, automotive displays, AR/VR, video wall (digital display), TV and others. For solving the technology bottlenecks of Micro LED, the development of technology relies on cooperation between different companies with their expertise in equipment, materials, panels and brands.
Aside from the performance of products, LED manufacturers also need to consider their operation cost. Veeco has been helping them to reduce the cost of ownership with its equipment and has launched two sets of equipment, Propel enLight GaN MOCVD System and EPIK 868, for optimizing the operation to meet the demands of the market. Propel enLight GaN MOCVD System produces 200mm (8-inch) wafers and EPIK 868 produces 150mm (6-inch) wafers.

Source: LEDinside LINK

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