Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Picosun ships ALD tools to the metal coating industry

ESPOO, Finland, 27th September, 2017 – Picosun Oy, leading supplier of advanced Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology, reports of a new breakthrough and repeat sales into metal industries. Picosun’s large scale production ALD systems have been chosen for high volume manufacturing of functional coatings on steel products at various customer locations around the world.

The PICOSUN™ P-1000 ALD system is designed for batch coating of various 3D objects such as mechanical parts, glass or metal sheets, coins, jewelry, or medical implants.

Picosun has developed comprehensive ALD solutions for metal surface treatment already for years with its customers and collaboration partners, gaining unrivalled process and design know-how on the topic. With the production-optimized PICOSUN™ ALD equipment, large batches of three-dimensional items can be processed with highly uniform, dense and conformal coating quality down to every microscopic surface detail. Various industries have already selected Picosun’s ALD systems to manufacture e.g. bioactive coatings on metal-based medical implants, and anti-tarnish films to protect coins from discoloration.

“As ALD continues to sweep through the global industrial scene, Picosun is dedicated to spearhead this development. Our ALD solutions already improve the quality and safety of medical implants, and create long-lasting shine and glowing colors on collector coins and luxury items. We are very satisfied that also other branches of metal industry have awakened to the possibilities of ALD. With our unmatched expertise in the field, we can provide them the technology to realize safer and longer-lasting products with novel, advanced features, and with material-saving, environmentally friendly way,” states Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun.

When very large objects need to be coated, the optimal choice is PICOSUN™ P-1000 ALD system, which has now been further optimized to enable even easier operation and maintenance, the highest film quality and process repeatability, all the while allowing very fast processing with low cost-of-ownership.

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