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Atomic Layer Deposition Market Set to Cross USD 5 Billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 31.27%

According to the new report, “Atomic Layer Deposition Market - By Type (Equipment & Materials); By Application (Gate Dielectrics, Gate Electrodes, Metal Interconnects, Diffusion Barriers, Memory Chips, Multilayer Capacitors, OLED Layers, Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, MEMS and Others); By Geography – Forecast (2016-2022)”, published by IndustryARC, the atomic layer deposition market to cross USD 5 Billion by 2022 at a high CAGR.

Atomic Layer Deposition in increasingly being used in manufacturing of electronic products where thickness of the film is absolutely imperative such as; smart phones, printers, data storage devices, displays, different types of small electronic components and many others products. It is mainly responsible for semiconductor fabrication and nanomaterial synthesis. Growing application of thin film coatings is the major driving factor for atomic layer deposition market. Through atomic layer deposition, ultra-thin films can be created in a sequential and self-limiting way depending on the material or product, which needs the layer to be applied on. Atomic layer Deposition process is especially favored because of its ability to control the film thickness in nanometer thickness regime. Atomic layer deposition is a perfect deposition method for applications where the surface area of the base material is very small.

According to a recent study from IndustryARC the global market value of atomic layer deposition was $910 million in 2015. Atomic layer deposition instruments are expensive as compared to conventional techniques such as MOCVD and PVD, consequently the equipment used for atomic layer deposition accounted for more than 60% of the global market revenue share.

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The substrates used in atomic layer deposition instruments are also difficult to obtain when compared to conventional techniques. This is projected to hamper the growth of the market to a certain extent. Furthermore, the deposition rate of atomic layer deposition is slower, which could pose a challenge to its market growth. Additionally, the industry is capital intensive in nature, and investment usually occurs during periods of major technology developments.

APAC has the largest market share followed by North America and Europe in the overall atomic layer deposition market. India and China are expected to be the major markets for atomic layer deposition in Asia Pacific due to the presence of established end-user industries. Major semiconductor manufacturers are shifting their production facilities from developed economies to emerging economies of Taiwan due to the presence of economical land, government subsidies, and skilled labor. Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia are anticipated to be the other major markets in Asia Pacific.

China to focus on meeting its own semiconductor requirements by promoting local manufacturers and infusing large-scale investments

China accounts for 54% of the global semiconductor sales market which is equal to 340 billion US$ and as per IndustryARC analysts is estimated to exceed $1.8 billion in revenue generated from Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) applications by 2022. In addition, in 2015 China was the only region in the world that showed Y-o-Y growth of 7.5% in semiconductor sales. There is another very strong indicator of the importance of the Chinese semiconductor industry in the atomic layer deposition market; in September 2014, the central government set up the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (CICIIF/Big Fund). This fund plans to invest more than 160 billion US$ into the Chinese semiconductor industry in the coming 10 years. The target is to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers and domestically produce 40%of all chips consumed by Chinese industry in 2020 and 70%in 2025, currently 30 %.

The Major Players in Atomic Layer Deposition Market Includes;

• Aixtron SE (Germany)
• Adeka Corporation (Japan)
• Air Liquide S.A. (France)
• Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (U.S)
• Applied Materials, Inc. (U.S)

Major players involved in this market are primarily focused on R&D initiatives and new product developments to cater the needs of customers. However, high cost linked with atomic layer deposition business is anticipated to continue being a key challenge for market participants. Booming consumer electronics and automotive industry will directly impact the demand of atomic layer deposition products over the foreseeable period.

List of Companies Cited in the report:

AIXTRON SE, Adeka Corporation, Air Liquide S.A., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, ALD Nanosolutions, Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., Arradiance, Inc., ASM International N.V., ATMI, Inc, Beneq, Beneq Oy, Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG, CVD Equipment Corporation, Encapsulix SAS, Entegris, Inc., Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc, Kurt J. Lesker Company, Levitech BV, Lotus Applied Technology, NCD Co., Ltd., SVT Associates Inc., Tokyo Electron Ltd., Tosoh Corporation, Ultratech, Inc., Veeco Instruments, Inc.

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