Friday, April 28, 2017

CMC Confereence 2017 - Powerful Lineup - Starting in 2 weeks!

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Powerful Lineup - Starting in 2 weeks! 
May 11-12, Richardson, Texas
The  Critical Materials Conference provides a framework to catalyze the flow of actionable technical and supply-chain information related to critical materials. Featuring a powerful lineup: 
  • Hans Stork, Sr. VP of Technology and CTO of ONSemiconductor, presenting  
    • 'Braking' Through Barriers with Materials
  • Eric Joseph, Sr. Manager & Research Staff, IBM
    • Materials Process Challenges for Advanced Technology and the Role of Atomic Scale Precision
  • Rob Clark, Sr. Member of the Technical Staff, TEL
    •   Welcome to the Atomic Scale: New Paradigms and Processes for Continued Scaling
  • KPMG - Scott Jones, Managing Director, Financial Analyst
    • Global Trends - MacroEconomics and Materials 
  • Rohit Takalkar, Sr. Mfg. Engineer, SAMSUNG
    • Present and Future challenges of Wafer Specifications
  • Richard Chang, Founder and CEO, Zing Semiconductor
    • 300mm Wafer Manufacturing in China - Meeting Demand in China
  More than 20 powerful & actionable presentations, and a highly differentiated program, with networking opportunities for all attendees.  
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or contact or call 1-480-382-8336
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