Thursday, April 20, 2017

ASM reported its 1Q/2017 with increased orders in 3DNAND & HVM of Intrepid(TM) XP Epi

ASM International N.V. yesterday reported its first quarter 2017 operating results. Showing new orders record at €204 million (15% above the Q4 2016) driven by 3DNAND and HVM orders for their Intrepid Epi tool for CMOS as detailed below.

Report: LINK
Earnings call: LINK

COMMENT (from the ASM report)

Commenting on the results, Chuck del Prado, President and Chief Executive Officer of ASM International said: 
"In Q1 we realized sales of €144 million, which was at the high end of our guidance. The order intake for Q1, at €204 million, came in better than forecasted and was the highest level ever. This was supported by an increasing contribution from the 3D NAND segment. We also saw in Q1 the first high volume manufacturing order intake for our Intrepid(TM) XP platform, an Epitaxy tool addressing the CMOS market."

OUTLOOK (from the ASM report)
The single wafer ALD market dropped in 2016, although not as much as we earlier expected. This is caused by a few smaller segments of the ALD market where we have not been engaged, mainly in non-patterning related DRAM. As a result, our single wafer ALD market share decreased. Our ALD revenue in 2016 ended up well in line with the assessment we made in July 2016. We continue to expect a clear year-on-year improvement in the single wafer ALD market in 2017, with demand in the Logic/Foundry segment remaining healthy and a strong increase in the 3D-NAND segment.
The Intrepid(TM) XP: Available processes include Silicon (Si), Silicon-Germanium (SiGe), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and other Silicon-based compounds used for transistor strain and channel layers.(Picture from

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