Sunday, April 23, 2017

ASMI 1Q/2017 earnings call for investors

This week ASMI held its 1Q/2017 earnings call for investors and the webcast and presentation material is available here. Besides CVD, ALD is the key growth market in deposition for 300 mm wafer based manufacturing. VLSI Research estimates the total deposition market to be USD 8.8 billion, which is about the same size as Lithography (USD 8.4 billion) and Etch & Clean (USD 10.3 billion).

ASMI expect the ALD market to grow by double digits from 2015 to 2020/2021 and claims a leadership number 1 position in the ALD deposition market segment. 2017 ASMI reports already now in early 2017 a recovery of the 2016 ALD market drop. The ASMI leadership is based on mainly dominance in the high-k metal gate, spacer defined multiple patterning applications as well as several new applications being added for 10 and 7 nm as well as 3DNAND.

The single wafer ALD market drop in 2016, was caused by a few smaller segments of the ALD market where ASMI have not been engaged, mainly in non-patterning related DRAM. As a result, the single wafer ALD market share decreased. 

ASMI Outlook 2017:

From ASMI Presentation: "We continue to expect a clear year-on-year improvement in the single wafer ALD market in 2017, with demand in the Logic/Foundry segment remaining healthy and a strong increase in the 3D-NAND segment. We expect the single wafer ALD market to reach a size of approx. US$1.5 billion by 2020-2021"

As reported earlier (here) ASMI also reported a first high volume manufacturing order intake Intrepid Broadening their Epi presence to the mainstream CMOS market.

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