Wednesday, March 1, 2017

ASM International has received a supplier excellence award from TSMC

ASM International reports: ASM International has received a supplier excellence award as one of five equipment suppliers from TSMC for the performance and support of ASM's ALD equipment and technology during 2016. The award was presented to ASM by TSMC Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mark Liu, at the TSMC Supply Chain Management Forum on February 23, 2017 in Taiwan.

Eagle XP8 is a high productivity 300mm tool for PEALD applications. The Eagle XP8 PEALD system can be configured with up to four Dual Chamber Modules (DCM), enabling eight chambers in high volume production within a very compact footprint. (

The award was received by ASM in recognition of its ALD technology and performance in production at TSMC fabs. During the presentation, TSMC explained three points that contributed to the award to ASM.

1) Cutting-edge tool innovations for advanced nodes.
2) Superb support to achieve quick solutions on consigned tools.
3) Great record of on-time tool delivery.

"We are very honored to receive this prestigious award from TSMC and thank TSMC for this recognition," said Chuck del Prado, CEO and President of ASM International, "ASM highly values our partnership with TSMC and we are very pleased that our Pulsar ALD and Eagle XP8 PEALD tools have provided strong benefits to TSMC in its production fabs."
TSMC is the world's largest semiconductor manufacturing foundry. TSMC hosts the Supply Chain Management forum annually to show appreciation for the support and contributions of its suppliers and to recognize outstanding equipment and materials suppliers.
ASM A412 Large Batch Furnaces form inside a TSMC 300mm Fab (Photo : Copyright® Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited 2010-2016, All Rights Reserved. ) 

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