Thursday, July 27, 2017

Flexible AMOLED capacity to almost double each year until 2020

OLED-Info reports that estimates by IHS that flexible AMOLED production capacity is set to increase from 1.5 million square meters to 20.1 million square meters between 2016 and 2020, which would correspond to a compound annual growth rate of 91%.

Source: OLED-Info (LINK)

The Korean CVD & ALD OEMs stocks are travelling upwards since April 2017 (see below). Surely based on investments by Samsung and SK Hynix for Foundry, DRAM and 3D-NAND but this must also reflect order intake from Korean and Chinese AMOLED 6 Gen lines to some extent.

Recent announcments for Semi orders:

Tes signed 16.75 billion won contract with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, to provide semiconductor manufacturing system (LINK

Eugene Technology signed a 7.36 billion won contract with SK hynix to provide semiconductor manufacturing equipments (LINK)

Tes signed a 2.8 billion won contract with SK hynix Inc to provide semiconductor manufacturing equipment . (LINK)

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