Monday, June 5, 2017

TSMC to sttart production of embedded MRAM and RRAM memory

TSMC will enter into production of embedded versions of the next generation memory technologies according to DIGITIMES (LINK)

TSMC plans to enter risk production of its eMRAM (embedded Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) chips in 2018 and eRRAM (embedded Resistive RAM) products in 2019 using a 22 nm production node, said the report, citing TSMC CTO Jack Sun.

Embedded memory (DRAM, MRAM, RRAM FRAM) is typically integrated in the vias of the Cu interconnects in a BEOL process. There are opportunities also in the FEOL like the IBM embedded deep trench capacitors used for a long time in gaming consoles or the recent development in ferroelectric non-volatile FETs by Globalfoundries & Co. (FeFETs).

MRAM does not mean a huge opportunity for ALD other than possibly a diffusion barrier of some sort. However, the RRAM cel is very similar to a MIM capacitor used for DRAM and one can expect the use of high-k dielectrics (HfO2, Ta2O5 etc.) as well as metal and metal nitrides (e.g. TiN).

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