Monday, June 5, 2017

Sk Hynix is developing 96- and 128-Layer 3D NAND

3D-NAND Flash is scaling vertically since some time and there has been a recent cross over in production from "normal" 2D-NAND to 3D-NAND in terms of >50% of all wafer starts now is for the 3D-version. This has boosted sales in CVD, ALD and Etch 300 mm wafer processing equipment.

Now the media reports are busy covering the saving of the Japanese chip giant Toshiba. However meanwhile SK Hynix has announced production of a 72 layer 3D-NAND and now most recently SK Hynix reports that it has 96 and 128 layers coming after, with up to 1Tbit die capacity.

Source: Tom's Hardware LINK

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