Wednesday, August 16, 2017

BALD News - Don´t miss any atomic level processing news!

Here is a service provided by BALD Engineering that you can order your own personalized e-mail news service for the two News Blogs operated by BALD Engineering. The feed can also be integrated into any feed reader you may be using or if you like to provide the news feed on your website. You´re welcome to do so - it is for free! 

There is a obvious unsubscribe link at the beginning of each e-mail so when ever you´re feeling fully saturated just click on the link to unsubscribe ;-)

This is especially convenient for those of you in countries were LinkedIn is currently blocked, which is typically the way of getting the news otherwise. Just click on the links below and you can set it up as you like (two examples as screendumps below).

BALD News Blog:

BALD Financials:

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