Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Aixtron returns to positive free cash flow in Q3, boosted by sales of AIX R6 system inventory

Semiconductor Today reports: The majority of AIX R6 MOCVD system inventory (for GaN LEDs) – which amounted to €19.3m at the end of September – was sold in Q3 (and will be shipped in the coming months). Also, throughout Q3 there were strong shipments of Planetary reactor systems particularly for red, orange, yellow (ROY) LED optoelectronics and power electronics. "We continue to be in a solid position in MOCVD outside GaN LEDs," notes president & CEO Martin Goetzeler. Also, Aixtron has completed one customer's qualification program for atomic layer deposition (ALD) tools for high-k oxide films; in Q3/2016 such silicon applications (including spares) comprised 25% of total revenue. 

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