Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tokyo Electron defend strong position in ALD equipment, down 4% Market share

As reported earlier (LINK), Japanese companies were especially successful in 2018 in capturing a more significant chunk of the semiconductor fab investments in wafer processing equipment. According to the recent Toyko Electron FY2019 report (LINK), they defend their strong position in ALD equipment at around 30%, down somewhat from 31% 2017 to 27% in 2018. It is unclear which companies has gained from TEL and more information will be available at the 7 May 2019 Webcast.

As before, this segment should include all wafer based ALD platforms. However, some companies hide their ALD revenue in the CVD segments so you can not know for sure if you don´t know the data in detail. The segments are:
  • ALD Tube - Large batch furnaces, typically loading 100 or more wafers
  • Single wafer platforms
  • Multi-wafer platforms, spatial or multi-station

Tokyo Electron market shares based on Gartner data (Tokyo Electron based on Gartner 24 April 2019 reporting)

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