Friday, January 4, 2019

Nanexas PharmaShell® patent approved in the United States

The US Patent Office has approved Nanexa's patent application for the PharmaShell® drug delivery platform.

Nanexa AB is a nanotechnology drug delivery company focusing on the development of PharmaShell®, which is a new and groundbreaking drug delivery system that is expected to have great potential in a number of medical indications. Within the framework of PharmaShell®, Nanexa has partnership agreements with among others, AstraZeneca.

The US Patent Office has approved Nanexa's patent application on January 1, 2019. The now-approved patent covers the product PharmaShell® as well as the method of its manufacture and formulation of PharmaShell® coated drugs. The approved patent has patent number US 10166198.

CEO David Westberg comments:

It is with great satisfaction that I can now conclude that the PharmaShell® patent is approved in the United States. We have always felt secure in our patent situation, but it still means a lot to get it confirmed by the US Patent Office. The US is our largest market and now that we have an approved patent, we can have a more interesting position in discussions with potential partners.

Source : Nanexa (in Swedish, LINK)

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