Thursday, October 20, 2016

China plans 3D NAND production next year with ALD

According to media reports (Digitimes and Electronics Weekly) Yangtze River Storage Technology (YRST) the Tsinghua Unigroup Chinese memory company, will start producing 3D NAND at the end of next year.

From Electronics Weekly:

XMC, which was taken over by YRST earlier this year, developed the flash technology with Spansion which is now merged into Cypress.

YRST’s Wuhan fab is due to start running wafers at the end of this year with first products due by the end of 2017.

The fab will make DRAM as well as flash. It will be built in three stages with an eventual planned capacity of 300k wpm in 2019

From an ALD point this is very interesting since this will be a big load for manufacturing and shipment of leading edge ALD Tools from various suppliers like Lam Research (Tungsten and dielectrics) and ASM International and maybe some of the Korean & Japanese Vendors as well into mainland China.

Until now there are no real leading edge CMOS Fabs in China however a number of Memory Fabs operated by Hynix and Micron and others that for sure are fully loaded with ALD Furnaces and Chambers

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